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There are many gardening tools available which will help you with the regular tasks associated with the process of gardening. There are forks, rakes, trowels, weeders, spades, cultivators, bulb planters, gloves of all kinds, shears, axes, secateurs, bins, brushes, leaf collectors, pruners, knives and brooms.

Good garden tools are expensive. It’s most definitely worth your while to maintain all your tools. They’ll last a great deal longer and will be more effective. The wooden handles of some tools need special care – you can find an appropriate product to help maintain these handles in your local garden store.

Regularly, and after sharpening any tool, spray it with WD-40 or wipe it with oil to help prevent rust.

Tools are used by a gardener for everything from preparing the ground to planting and even breaking up obstinate roots. The most helpful tools include the different short-handled and long-handled types, as well as a variety of sundry items, from plant ties and gloves to garden carts and watering cans.

A cultivator is a rotating version of the well-known garden hoe and is employed specifically to break up dried earth that has been hardened in the summertime. Avoid using this tool if you’re weeding in between fragile plants because it is more difficult  not too damage the plants.

French Timber Framing Tools

There are many special tools and devices that can assist you to produce your own vegetables using the French way. For example, bell-glasses are used in French gardens to overlay recently planted cuttings both in the ground and in kitchen gardens. In your own garden, invest in many of these bell-glasses, or cloches, or find a replacement product that performs the same purpose.

The French gardening way does not just include raised bed gardening.

You can also purchase other kinds of garden tools, such as nets, trellises, cages, strings and poles, to grow your plants above the ground. For these vertical techniques, you might need to purchase special scissors, shears and pruning tools. You want to train your plants to grow in a particular area to maximize the usage of space just like with raised bed gardening.

This series of tools, uses handles at 90 degrees to the tool’s head so that your wrists and hands are in a convenient, relaxing and natural position. Also available is an optional arm-support cuff so that you don’t drop your tool if you lose your grip.

If you are in a wheelchair, it can be hard to keep a bag open for weeds. It can also be a challenge to pick up buckets, watering cans and boxes of fertilizer. The Tub Trugs gardening buckets are helpful because they are firm enough to stay open while you’re throwing weeds into them. They are also flexible enough to be used for pouring water or potting soil,

Gardening can be a therapeutic hobby for many people, including those with a disability of some kind. Finding the right tool is a vital component of enjoying the gardening process.

Tools to help with gardening for the disabled

The pruning saw is a small, yet effective, substitute for the bow saw. The single-handed pruning saw’s serrated blade has a gentle curve. The tool’s blade protrudes direct from the end of a wooden, metal or plastic handle and typically folds inside of the handle, like an old fashioned army knife. As with bow saws, pruning saws manage plant material too large for scissor tools. Nevertheless, the pruning saw’s smaller size makes it suited for areas that are too narrow for the bow saw.

If the windows in your home have seen better days, replacing them can bring you many advantages. In fact, buying replacement windows for your home is one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make. Unlike many home improvement projects, replacing your old windows with newer, more energy efficient ones, can actually save you money. Best of all, those savings can accumulate over time, and the energy savings alone can more than pay for the costs of the windows.

IMPORTANT: Do some careful research before purchasing. Avoid the cold-callers and give preference to the smaller, local firms.

Just consider some of the top benefits of replacing your old windows with newer and more energy efficient models:-

1. Lower energy costs – replacing your old leaky windows with newer and more energy efficient ones can result in significant energy savings, both now and in the future. No one expects the cost of energy to go down, so the cost savings you are able to achieve with new replacement windows will only become more valuable as time goes by.

2. Fewer maintenance hassles – constantly painting, repairing and maintaining old windows can be a real hassle, and in some cases it can be downright dangerous. If you are tired of climbing a ladder to paint and clean your windows, consider how replacement windows can reduce your maintenance hassles.

3. Greater resale value – unlike many other home improvements, installing new windows can actually increase the value of your home. The age of the windows is a major concern with home buyers, so replacing your old windows can help your home sell faster as well. Beautify your home – your home is your prized possession, and it is important to keep your biggest investment looking its best. replacement windows can add charm, beauty and sophistication to your home.

4. Easier cleaning – cleaning traditional windows often means climbing a ladder and scrubbing for what seems like an eternity. New windows, on the other hand, are normally constructed of a modern PVC material which stay clean, and look new for longer. Also windows can be fitted so that they tilt to allow for easier cleaning from the inside.

5. Tax advantages – depending on your country there may be tax advantages to installing anything which improves the energy saving capability of your home.

6. More light – being cooped up in a dank and dark home is no fun, but replacement windows can bring more light into your life. New window designs allow more light into your home without leaking hot or cool air or wasting energy.

7. Unique designs – if you own an older home, chances are all the windows look pretty much alike. You can stand out amongst your neighbors with unique replacement windows, including bows, bays and picture windows that will make your home look like a showplace.

8. Better security – replacement windows often have much better security features than traditional windows, providing a deterrent to criminals and helping to keep our family safe at home.

9. Greater privacy – you can choose to install frosted or tinted replacement windows which means you can see out but others cannot easily look in. This can provide greater privacy, safety and security for your home and your family.

If you have been looking for a low cost way to beautify your home, protect your family and achieve real cost savings, installing replacement windows may be just what you have been looking for. Replacing your old and inefficient windows with new energy efficient ones can save you a great deal of money, while at the same time making your home more livable, more secure and of course much more inviting.

Fed up with weeds appearing on your patio? Thinking of relaying the patio? Before you start make sure you obtain a weed-proof barrier. You can now buy Polythene membranes which can be laid under your patio. As well as providing a barrier to those horrible weeds, it allows water to seep through. These membranes can also be used under driveways, decking and paths.

Laying Carpet Tiles in my workshop

I have just got myself a brand new outside workshop/shed. Before I started putting furniture inside I decided that I needed to put some kind of carpet down. To get a fitted carpet seemed a little expensive, especially for an outside workshop. Also I couldn’t find a single piece of carpet large enough (had to be about 11ft by 10ft). So I went for carpet tiles. Calculated that I needed 39/40 tiles at 50cm x 50cm, purchased 40 to be on safe side.

Since I had never laid carpet tiles before, I did some research and found a short video somewhere.

First recommendation from the video was to start laying the tiles from the centre, rather than from one of the corners. This made sense when I thought about it – if a corner was slightly off being a perfect right angle, then problems could develop further down the line.

First task then was to find centre of floor. The video recommended using a chalked piece of string – i.e. tie string from corner to corner, flip string to leave chalk mark, do same for other diagonal, check by stretching string between middle of each side. Being slightly lazy I made do without chalked string – just used straight edges, pencil and tape measure to find centre of room. The video also suggested using special double-sided sticky patches for use with tiles. I could not find any of these so I just went for a roll of double-sided sticky tape for use with carpets.

Before I actually started laying the carpet tiles I thoroughly vacuumed the floor. If the floor had been a lot older I would have given it a good clean as well. I cut off my first piece of double-sided tape, using no particular size, but making it about 4 to 5 inches long I suppose. Now I stuck the corners of my first 4 tiles down and I was away.

I will not go into further details of my progress to the conclusion of my tile-laying. I will just give a few tips below for anyone who has the same, or a similar, task to complete.

  1. Make sure you get a really good sharp knife for the cutting of tiles.
  2. Be aware that 5 metres of sticky tape may not be quite enough if your workshop or shed is as big as mine!
  3. Once you get to the stage of needing to cut tiles to fit round the edge, prepare a line of tiles before starting to stick them down.

Laying Carpet Tiles is a simple enough job I suppose, but there is great satisfaction when it is successfully finished.

Cheer Up Your Window This Winter With A Garden To Grace It!

When winter sets in soon and nips at your toes, don’t
let the blues get to your love for gardening
outdoors…simply bring it in indoors!

Yes, we recommend an indoor window garden to boost
your spirits and keep the gloomy winter feel out in
the cold with sensibly chosen winter plants – some
fragrant and colorful, others edible and flavorful for
enhancing your winter menus. Try this wonderful winter
gardening remedy today:

Your windowsill is the perfect place for starting a
seasonal indoor garden that will sustain your wintry
gardener’s soul and warm your heart with perfect
seasonings for tasty, nutritious and wholesome soups,
broths and stews if you plant timely, healthful herb
when ushering out autumn.

Along with the versatile herbs like basil, compact
dill and Greek Oregano, you can also consider thyme
and parsley besides coriander that readily take to
windowsill gardening and are likely to fill your
winters with fragrance, greenery and soothing,
medicinal value when added to soups!

These only require regular watering and a few hours of
sunlight to grow and so are easy to grow even for
those not blessed at birth with a green thumb.

Perhaps, some eye candy – in the form of fresh flowers
that are regarded as winter blooms – can be your daily
delight with just a snip of a seed packet,
pre-prepared potting soil that has been treated for
fertilizer mix and contains the necessary peat moss
etc. for helping indoor plants nasturtiums, pansies
and calendulas.

Sure to bring a smile to your face and color to the
room, flowering indoor plants in your window garden,
when tended with a little bit of sunshine, water and
right soil-mixture, are the best bet for beating
winter blues!

Adding Style To Your Home On A Budget

There are many ways you can decorate your home when
you are on a budget. You don’t have to have a lot of
money to make your home look nice and stylish.

Many of the things you can do is shop second hand, use
family members, finding less than perfect items, and

If you are hoping to redecorate your home but you are
on a tight budget then don’t worry about hiring
someone to come in and help you. This is where your
family and friends can come in

and assist.

You can even hold a party to help you with the efforts
of painting, laying tile, or anything else you have in
mind. Friends and family are always willing to come
and help with a decoration project and if you provide
the food and drinks then they usually will never say

When you are on a budget it is hard to find the best
and you have to be flexible. You can shop at second
hand stores and find really nice furniture, paintings,
rugs, and more.

If you are willing to shop used it will surprise you
some of the neat items you can find at these places
that you can use that will make your home look
fabulous. You might also want to think about finding
less than perfect merchandise.

You can go to furniture stores and find defective
furniture that is still brand new for very low prices.
Some of the furniture might have a scratch that is
barely noticeable at an excellent price. Some of the
furniture you cannot even see the defect and it is
brand new.

When you are on a budget you have to think cheap. Use
your friends and family members to help you and find
low cost items that are not so perfect or second hand.

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design has come into its own and the
distinct look can turn your home into a masterpiece of
aesthetic beauty without compromising practicality or

Modern interior design often refers to mid-century
design. Many people mistake modern interior design
with contemporary interior design.

In fact, many interior designers borrow elements of
1960’s and 1970’s interior design. But this doesn’t
mean your house will be decorated with garish
wallpaper and upholstery.

The basics of modern interior design utilize new
materials and techniques. The most common
installations include metal, blown-glass and concrete.

Metal is typically used for accents and fixtures. Many
people think that the metal decor just adds coldness
to the room, but what it is used for is to enhance the
warmth of the nearby items.

The metal, glass and concrete create a simplistic
design for the modern home.

Blown glass can add a distinctive look to your home.
Pieces can be one of a kind and can add warmth and
depth as well as color. The pieces can make your
modern interior design look stand out.

Blown glass can be used in places such as light
fixtures, or as creative artistic sculptures. Colored
blown glass can fit into any decorating theme so a
piece can last through every decorating whim you may

Decorative concrete can be finished numerous ways and
can add any number of effects. They are used in
floors, countertops and furniture.

Many homeowners are not aware just how versatile
concrete can be in decorating a modern homes interior

Interior Design

Interior design is the design of aspects of
environmental psychology, architecture and product

A person who designs interiors as part of their job is
an interior designer. Interior design is the creative
practice that redefines the interior of a structure
using decor.

There are many aspects and areas of interior design,
and a person going to school to learn interior design
can specialize in any one of them, the types are only
limited by the imagination, willingness, and bank

With an open mind you can open yourself to a whole new

Interior design can improve quality of life as well as
work surroundings. Many businesses that open hire an
interior designer in order to make their business more
aesthetically pleasing to both employees as well as

Restaurants also use specialized interior designers in
order to draw the customer in and make them think they
are hungry.

Interior design can also be used to make life easier
for the elderly and the disabled by incorporating
user-friendly aspects into the home or environment.

Interior design elements can be drawn from anywhere
and anything. Many people choose an interior design
based on region, religion, or simply on their personal

While choosing an interior designer to decorate your
home, you will be losing the personal aspect of having
a home that feels like your own.

There are numerous books and classes available on
interior design, so you can familiarize yourself with
the aspects of interior design and have a home you can
be proud of.

Using Containers For Indoor Gardening

Gardening is a hobby many people love to bide their
time with. It gives one a sense of accomplishment when
they see their flowers or plants blooming after a few
weeks or even months of tender loving care.

The plants also add to the aesthetics of the room and
sooth the occupants of the home or office as well.

There are many forms of indoor gardening. You could
have flower gardens, hanging gardens, vegetable
gardens, fruit gardens and bonsai gardens.

As with the many types of indoor gardening there are
indoor gardening tools available to help you make your
indoor garden blossom even better. There are
fertilizers, insecticides, implements and indoor
gardening lights to substitute sunlight.

For those who do not have a place to garden outdoors
there is always container gardening.

Containers are used to grow plants on windowsills or
on the balcony of an apartment and are useful when it
comes to moving the plants from place to place, be it
to optimize sunlight or to redecorate the place.

Container gardening is also useful when you have to
move from your home; you will not have to leave your
beloved plants behind.

There are many designs, sizes and colors of containers
and pots that can be used to grow indoor plants.
Plastic containers are economical and last a lifetime,
however, many people like to use hand crafted clay
containers for their plants.

These containers are very attractive and give a very
natural look to the place. Wooden containers made,
much like barrels, are another good choice for indoor
gardening containers.

Indoor gardening is a very satisfying pastime and
there is a lot of advice out there for the beginner
and even the seasoned gardener to learn from.

There are also scores of manufacturers offering
implements ranging from the very basic to the most
sophisticated for indoor gardening enthusiasts.

Maximizing Space When Decorating

You might have a lot of things that you would like to
display but you are aware the clutter makes your place
look terrible. There are many ways you can fix
problems with clutter and still display your favorite

If you have a smaller kitchen with a lot of items
piled up all around you because you don’t have the
space for everything then you should consider kitchen

You can find mounts to install in your ceiling that
you can hang your pots and pans from. This actually
looks really good above an island or along the wall.

There are wired hang-ups with hooks you can stylishly
hang coffee mugs and extras. This gives you the
opportunity to decorate your kitchen while you are
making the most use of your space in the kitchen.

If you have collections of things that you would like
to display and the items are cluttered all over the
place, then you must look in

to floating shelves and
display cases.

You might not have room for a display case, but your
walls have the room you are hoping for. You can line
your walls with stylish and affordable shelving which
will allow you to display your collectables neatly and
organized giving your room a new look.

It also makes your room look much bigger when you make
the most of your space with shelving because items are
not spread throughout the place but neatly organized
on the walls.

If you are short for space and you have many items
throughout your home you would like to display then
get them up off of the floor and put shelving and
hang-ups throughout your home.

You will be surprised how much more space you have in
your home and how nice it looks to display your things
rather than have them piled up.