How to Choose the Best Bug Zapper with Helpful Reviews

Bugs and flying pests can spoil your outdoor fun. Young children, adults, and even pets can be food for biting insects. They can also ruin a yummy meal when you have to keep swatting at them. The best solution is to use a bug zapper.

A bug zapper runs on electricity or battery power, unlike pest control strips. They are usually in two different forms: a lantern that you can hang from the ceiling, or a bug swatter that can be used to hit them.

best bug zapper

While a bug swatter is fun to let the older kids use, you may not always want to go around zapping bugs when you’re outdoors. In many instances, a swatter is better to get those flies that somehow get inside. A bug zapper lantern is the best choice for placing outdoors. There are also bug zappers that sit on the floor. Bugs are attracted to the light in these zappers, and will be killed once they hit the high electrical voltage current inside.

Bug zappers have pretty much been the same since they were invented. The exterior may differ a bit. Usually they are in a lantern-like shape. Inside they will have a light bulb, or a UV (Ultra Violet) fluorescent long tube. This light attracts bugs inside. They go through a wire mesh and end up at a high voltage area where they are zapped to death. The interior of the light and wires is protected by a cage or wire mesh to keep it safe from people.

The bug swatters differ in shape and look much like a tennis racket. This type must be physically moved to kill the flying pests.

Do Bug Zappers Really Work?

Bug zappers really do work. The most likely spot to see bugs or flying insects in your home is around lamps and lights, especially at night. Bug zappers usually have an ultraviolet bulb that attracts insects to it.

When the bug touches the electric circuit inside the bug zapper they complete the electrical circuit. The bug is usually vaporized, so cleanup is minimal. You may hear a “zap” when the bug is killed.

Some bugs, such as mosquitoes, are more attracted to the carbon dioxide in your breath. Some bug zappers utilize this technology too.

Do Flies Go to Bug Zappers?

Most flies and bugs will go inside a bug zapper. Flies usually worsen at night as they are attracted to porch lights, patio lights, or decorative hanging lanterns. If you already have a few bug zapping lanterns set up, you should be able to keep the bugs away from you and your drinks or snacks.

What Kinds of Bugs Do Bug Zappers Kill?

Many flying types of bugs are attracted to zappers, such as moths, fruit flies, house flies, and beetles. Basically, if it flies, it will be attracted to the light emitted from one. They will also attract a smaller amount of biting insects, such as mosquitoes and gnats. It’s still beneficial to have a bug zapper or two around the home though.

Some bug zappers add extra components to a bug zapper in order to attract mosquitoes. Read labels carefully if this is the type you wish to purchase. Some add in a non-toxic substance that will attract biting insects, or a carbon dioxide substance.

You should also be aware that bug zappers may kill beneficial flies too, such as ladybugs or fireflies. Some might have a smaller mesh to keep larger flies out of it. Again, read the label to see what types of flies your bug zapper will get rid of.

Can I Put a Bug Zapper Inside a Home?

Bug zappers can be for indoors or outdoors, but specific models are made for a specific purpose. If you require a specific type, read the product description first.

Most bug zappers aren’t suitable for food preparation areas because when they kill an insect, that insect is vaporized, and it’s body parts are sprayed everywhere. Even though you may wish to have a portable bug swatter inside, it’s recommended that you use it away from your kitchen or dining room regions. Bugs can carry disease, and you don’t want this around your food areas.

You should install your bug zappers away from where you’re hanging out in your yard or garden too. That way, the bugs go there, and not where you’ll be sitting, or enjoying your picnic.

5 Best Bug Zapper Reviews

Here are 5 of the best and most effective bug zapper reviews. Each of these 5 zappers will work best for any home. Carefully read through the reviews to see which one may be best.

1. Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

flowtron bk-40d electronic insect killerbuy from amazon

The Flowtron electronic insect killer is a hanging black lantern with long U-shaped light tube inside. It has a special black mesh grid that promises not to become clogged up. Once you turn it on it will zap bugs within a certain distance while you relax and enjoy your outdoor activities.

How the Flowtron Bug Zapper Works

The Flowtron works only for outdoors and runs on electrical power. Its light attracts and kills flying insects. It’s a safe way to keep from harming the environment. To use it, hang it above the ground, rather than over concrete or a pathway. Bugs will get zapped, then fall to the ground where they get naturally absorbed into the earth.

This lantern also works to light pathways. It has an extremely bright bulb inside. It’s compact, so it won’t take up a lot of room in your garden.
You can also purchase Octenol for it, which will attract even more mosquitoes.

Safety Measures When Using Flowtron BK-40D

You should place this bug zapper at least 25 feet away from any of your activities. This is because bug parts get sprayed everywhere. It can also attract wasps, so it’s best to keep out of the vicinity of your family life.

2. Gloue Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer Lamp

gloue bug zapper electronic insect killerbuy from amazon

The Gloue is an indoor bug zapper that plugs into an electrical outlet. It’s blue and white, with a blue night lamp to light the hallway at night. It’s compact and can also be tucked into your luggage for travel. It does not take any pesticides and is chemical-free.

How the Gloue Bug Zapper Works

You simply plug it in at night when you want to zap bugs or to light the hallway. It works better at night, as its LED lights will attract small gnats and mosquitoes. It won’t work too effectively during the daytime, as it’s the light that attracts the small flies to it. It makes only a slight noise so it won’t wake you up. It works better at killing the smaller flies than regular house flies.

Safety Measures When Using Gloue Bug Zapper

You should only plug this into electrical outlets that are close to the ground, rather than ones that are above your kitchen counter. Note that this is not a toy and you should not allow pets or children to play with it. You should clean up any insects lying beneath the device at least once a day.

To clean it, you must unplug it from the wall first. Then use a screwdriver and touch the metal plate. This will release the static electricity so that you don’t get zapped. You can then remove the lid and clean out the insects.

3. Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter

elucto electric bug zapper fly swatter zap mosquitobuy from amazon

The Elucto fly swatter looks like a small tennis racket for kids. It’s yellow with a black handle. It makes it fun to get rid of small flying pests around your home. It’s takes no pesticides, and offers a safe way to eliminate flying bugs in your home. It’s also safe for the environment.

How the Elucto Bug Zapper Works

You can use your Electo zapper indoors and out. It kills flying pests as small as a fruit fly. It fits comfortably in the hand. It takes only one swat to kill an insect in seconds, rather than the three that competitors have. In many instances, the bugs will simply fly into it, so you don’t even have to do any work. You only need to turn on the switch in the handle and it’s ready to use. It takes only two AA batteries which are included in the box.

Safety Measures When Using Elucto Electric Bug Swatter

This bug swatter is a safer way of zapping bugs, as you won’t be exposed to the harmful electrical current. But there is a risk that you can hit other people or pets. It could also cause damage in the home and break dishes. Don’t let young children use it as it’s not a toy. Always be aware of where you are aiming it before you swing it. Be sure to turn off the switch after you have used it.

4. Aspectek Electronic Indoor Commercial Insect Zapper

aspectek electronic indoor commercial insect and mosquito killerbuy from amazon

The Aspectek commercial bug zapper is for indoor spaces that suffer many flying insects. It’s perfect for a restaurant or business, or porch or balcony where you need bug protection, but can’t use a traditional type of hanging bug zapper. It’s silver, white, and black, and sits securely on the floor. It contains two UV lightbulbs that will attract flies, moths, mosquitoes and other flying pests. There is also a mesh screen, so no little fingers will be able to reach inside.

How the Aspectek Bug Zapper Works

This bug zapper is chemical-free. The insects will be attracted to the light inside. They will fly in and get zapped by the high voltage metal grids. It can be used one of three ways: Sitting on the floor, or hanging up in the air, or on the wall. A chain is included in the packaging. To clean it, simply remove the tray from the bottom and wash it in the sink. The internal electric grid is self-cleaning.

Safety Measures When Using Aspectek Insect Zapper

When replacing the tube lights it’s important that you first turn it off, then let it cool down first before opening up. This also allows the electrical currents to drain. Even though it has a protective exterior screen you’ll want to place it where children or pets can’t easily reach it. Do not place it outside where it is exposed to the elements. It should at least be underneath a porch on or a balcony. You may wish to bring it inside when there is bad weather.

5. Zap-It! Bug Zapper

zap it bug zapper rechargeable bug zapper racketbuy from amazon

The Zap-It! bug zapper looks like a small tennis racket. It’s yellow with a black handle. The switch is on the handle. It can be charged up with a USB charging port and plug. It also has a bright LED light that can be used in the dark to kill bugs fast. It has a three layer safety mesh that’s actually safe to touch.

How the Zap-It Bug Zapper Works

It only takes one swing to kill a flying insect. To get it charged up, you first plug it into your USB device. You can also use a USB wall adaptor plug. You can use it day or night. It lights up at night so you can see the insect, but it’ll also be attracted to the light. To activate it, you press the activate button on the handle. The indicator light will light up to show it is working.

Safety Measures When Using Zap-It! Bug Zapper

There is a triple layer safety mesh so even if you accidentally touch the mesh, you or your child won’t be harmed. You should still store it out of their reach though.

Closing Thoughts

Bug zappers can keep your home bug-free. Remember to read the product descriptions carefully before your purchase. Follow the installation instructions, if any. Do remember to clean your zapper on a regular basis to keep it from looking yucky.

Depending on the size of your home, you may wish to place more than one bug zapper around your patio or yard. You’ll enjoy your outdoor space more when its free of annoying flying and biting insects.

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