Colloidal Silver for Dogs – Benefits and How to Use It?

Since the calendar turned to a new century in 2000, dogs have taken their place as members of their family, rather than merely being servants of man. Failure to properly look after our pets is frowned upon by society. We love our pets as much as family, but they can still suffer the same skincare issues that people do.

colloidal silver for dogs

But it’s not as simple as using a store brand of lotion or antibiotic ointment on our pets. Many products that are safe to use on humans, are dangerous to use on our dogs and cats. And what can be used on your cat may not be safe to use on your dog, or vice versa.

Colloidal silver for dogs is recommended by vets to treat all types of skincare issues. This product is sold in a small plastic bottle, with a spray dispensing top for easy application. There is no need to pour it on a cotton ball or gauze and apply it to your dog, nor to apply and wipe off.

Colloidal silver can be used on your dog’s cuts, wounds, bites, sunburns, abrasions, hives, and other minor skin irritations. Its main benefit is that it doesn’t sting like many human wound treatments do. You simply spray it on the affected region. Your dog doesn’t feel discomfort, and the spray goes to work at soothing the region and making your dog less likely to lick or scratch the affected spot.

Just like we suffer the occasional cut or wound in our daily lives, a dog can suffer the same when they’re running around outside having fun. Colloidal silver is recommended for most of your dog’s minor external skincare issues.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is almost 100% pure silver that’s suspended within a purified water mixture. Minute particles of silver are suspended within the solution. They are so small that you can’t see them. Usually the purest form is 99.999% pure, with the remainder consisting of the purified water. This water is pharmaceutical grade, meaning it’s been filtered from contaminants and microorganisms that naturally occur in tap water.

There are many different formulations, but it’s recommended that you search for one that has a particle size of 0.8 nm or 0.0008 microns to work effectively. Some people look for a higher ppm, but smaller particle size is more important, as it can penetrate the surface of the skin to reach pathogens that may harm your dog.

Colloidal silver is also positively charged. The more silver it contains, the more the charge. The silver is derived from natural sources. Search for a brand that is eco-friendly, has recyclable packaging, and does not test on animals.

Colloidal silver is naturally antiviral and antibacterial. There are also types that are sold to be used by humans. It’s been proven in labs that it’s effective at killing germs, bacteria, and viruses, and is more effective than using creams or ointments on your dog.

Colloidal silver has been around for some time. Hippocrates listed colloidal silver as an effective treatment for internal ulcers, but it’s best to never self-medicate or treat your dog for these more serious issues.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Use on Dogs?

Colloidal silver is 100% safe to use on your dog. However, before buying, ensure that the bottle says that it’s safe to use on dogs. The question isn’t whether silver is safe for dogs—silver is an element that’s found everywhere in nature, even inside animal and human bodies—but what other ingredients are listed inside the bottle. For example, a bottle of colloidal silver may contain other ingredients that aren’t safe to use on dogs.

The colloidal silver practice has been subject to some dispute by naysayers. You should know that the people who have suffered issues have ingested it in extremely large quantities as a cancer treatment. Buying a safe product, such as colloidal silver for dogs, and following the directions on the bottle, will not cause problems.

Choose your 100% safe and non-toxic colloidal silver for dogs and you can be 100% confident that it’s safe for your pets. Some types are safe to use on both dogs and cats, but again, read the label before using. Remember that when something is safe to use on humans, that it’s not necessarily safe to use on pets.

The best colloidal silver should have only two ingredients: purified water and colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is safe to use externally on dogs for extended lengths of time. Your dog will appreciate how gentle it is to spray this mixture onto their paws or skin.

What Benefits Does Colloidal Silver Have for Dogs?

Colloidal silver has numerous benefits for dogs. Colloidal silver is generally a pathogen fighter. It can kill the bacteria, viruses, yeast or fungi, and other harmful organisms on the skin.

It should be used whenever your dog is experiencing skin care issues. It should not be used as a preventative, as it kills any and all microorganisms on the skin. Just like on human skin, some healthy organisms are there to keep your skin in balance.

How to Apply Colloidal Silver to Dogs

Colloidal silver is sold in a spray bottle. It can simply be sprayed onto your dog’s affected wounds, burns, or bites. If your dog is suffering skin irritations from flea bites or allergies, you can also spray it directly on these locations.

It’s generally not recommended to pour the colloidal silver into your dog’s mouth or to give orally. You can spray it onto the outsides of their ears for external ear irritations. You’ll want to generally avoid spraying the solutions around their eyes or noses.

You may wish to distract your dog with a few treats while you examine their wounds. You may need to wash off any dirt or debris first.

For most internal issues you’ll still want to bring your dog to the vet’s clinic to have them checked out.

What Types of Dog Skincare Issues Can Colloidal Silver Be Used for?

Colloidal silver can be used for every type of dog skincare issue. Many skin issues are due to minor infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or microorganisms. Here are the top four dog skincare issues that can affect most dogs at some point in the year.

1. Colloidal Silver for Dog Ear Irritations

Colloidal silver is a good first step for treating an external ear irritation in dogs. Often these start externally, before working their way inside and causing a more serious ear infection. Most ear infections in dogs are caused by bacteria. Early signs of ear infection can involve your dog rubbing or scratching his ears.

You can simply spray the colloidal silver onto the fronts and backs of your dog’s ears. Your dog may shake his head to get rid of excess fluid, which is fine. Avoid spraying it too far inside your dog’s ear canal. You may wish to blot their ears with a tissue after application. If your dog won’t stop scratching his ears then you’ll need to bring him to the vet.

2. Colloidal Silver for Dog Yeast Infection

Dogs can suffer yeast infections on their skin, just like humans can. They can occur on every part of the body, from head to torso and down to the feet. When it’s hot and humid outside, this can lead to a buildup of yeast-related organisms growing on the skin. They normally grow in controlled populations on everyone’s skin, but heat and moisture can cause them to grow, while the beneficial bacteria can die.

Yeast infections can result in extremely itchy skin that can turn red, even on dogs. If left untreated, other more harmful organisms can take hold, such as staph or MRSA, causing more serious skin infections on your dog. Early treatment is important. A quick spray of colloidal silver at the first sign of a dog’s yeast infection is all that’s needed to restore a healthy skin balance, and can avoid you having to give him/her an antibiotic treatment.

3. Colloidal Silver for Dog Skin Allergies

Colloidal silver can be used for your dog’s skin allergies too. Many dogs suffer from allergies the same way that humans can. These allergies can be caused by food, food additives in canned or bagged food, bites from mosquitoes or ticks, and reactions to your skin lotion or from rubbing against poison ivy or other outdoor plants. Your dog can suffer from allergic red skin rashes, hives or urticaria, and excessive scratching.

dog skin allergies

If you’ve ever heated a stainless steel spoon and applied it to your skin to stop an allergic reaction, you’ll want to know that silver works in a similar way. A quick spray of the colloidal silver will not only help to soothe the skin irritation, but it will also help to prevent infections that are caused by your dog excessively scratching these regions.

The element, silver, works at stopping the proteins inside the offending allergen from irritating the skin. The silver stops these proteins, so the skin’s defences will calm down. Once they’ve calmed down, your dog will stop feeling annoyed and will stop scratching themselves.

4. Colloidal Silver for Dog Burns

Colloidal silver can be used on minor sunburns, paw pad burns, or other minor burns as a first aid treatment. Some dogs can suffer sunburn on their ears or noses, as there is less hair or skin there. In the heat of summer, dogs can suffer burns on the concrete cement. Some dogs may reach for your burning candles or get too close to the campfire.

You may need to protect your pets in the summer just as you would protect your children. But you can’t always keep them on the grass, or under the sun umbrella, or watch them at all times. They can suffer accidents. Toss a bottle of colloidal silver in your beach kit and you’ll be prepared the next time you hear that little whimper that perhaps they shouldn’t have touched that tempting flame or run over over the hot sand.

Safety Guide for Using Colloidal Silver on Dogs

Just like using any type of skincare cream or lotion, you’ll also want to be careful when treating your dogs with colloidal silver.

  1. Read the instructions on the bottle and follow them.
  2. Colloidal silver is mainly for external use. Use it only in minute amounts near your dog’s ears or nose. Avoid spraying inside the mouth.
  3. Never pour the contents of the bottle in your dog’s dish. It’s meant only for minor spray application.
  4. If your dog experiences any negative effects (vomiting, panting, or convulsing) then take them to the emergency vet clinic ASAP.
  5. Examine your dog’s skin issues the next day. Repeat treatment if it’s getting better.
  6. Remember that colloidal silver works at killing pathogens, but it can also kill the good bacteria on the skin too. Use it only until your dog’s skin issue clears up, then stop.
  7. If it appears your dog’s health issue is worsening, then book an appointment at the vet clinic.
  8. Watch for signs for excessive redness, dark colouring, swelling, or white pus. These indicate more serious skin issues that should be treated at the vet’s clinic.

The Simplicity of Using Colloidal Silver on Your Dog

Many pet owners have been puzzled in the past on how to treat their dog’s minor external wounds and rashes. Often dogs don’t sit still for long, so rubbing in ointment is not simple. They may also try to bite or swat your hand away, as traditional treatments can be painful.

Colloidal silver should be part of every pet owner’s first aid kit for pets. It’s a simple and easy way to treat that warm but squirming animal that doesn’t understand why it’s so important to treat minor cuts, wounds, burns, or bites.

Using a spray treatment of colloidal silver is not only simple, but effective. Your bonding with your dog will grow stronger now that you’re not subjecting them to annoying or distressing first aid treatment every time they experience a minor cut or wound outdoors.

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