About Us

Complete Homemaker as the name says, based in India, is a place where you will find everything ranging from small tips to creative ideas which you can make use of from your home. With these words of advice, you are sure to embrace your life.

We spend so much of our time trying to find solutions for the problems we come across in our day to day life, but more often we forget the fact that most of those problems can be solved by thinking differently. With our creative suggestions you will be able to lead a happy stress free life.

We believe in spreading positiveness. We begin with “yes” and is always on the lookout for “how“ to solve the problems. With Complete Homemaker, we hope to build a brighter world for our beloved readers.

about us

At Complete Homemaker, We strive to think different and provide you with timely tips, tricks, strategies and much more to help improve and realize a better home for you and your family so that you can live a happy, clutter and stress free life.

We focus on the following three important areas of your home:

Home Improvement: Get tips for general and specialized home improvement so that you may not only feel happier, but also lead a meaningful life, based on experience and not stuff.

Gardening: Have you ever dreamt of designing an attractive garden and taking good care of it? Well, we teach you just how to do that.

Pest Control: Do you know how to get rid of insects, lizard or even rodents? We’ll provide you with simple and effective ways to permanently get rid of pests.

Our expert bloggers will help tackle these among other important topics concerning your home. So, whether you are looking for a simple or major home improvement, Complete Home Maker has you covered with the latest, accurate and actionable information.

What do we do?

Do you know whether the food you consume has pesticides in it?
Do you know how to protect your loved ones from pollution?
Do you know how to protect the quality of water, soil or air in your surroundings?
Do you know how to design an attractive garden and take care of it?

These are some of the many things you will get to know from Complete Homemaker. In short, you will get everything you want in one click! Everything and anything that you had always thought of is finally here.

We understand that farming and gardening is an essential component of a happy world. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough places from which people could gather precise information related to gardening.

Keeping this in mind, we have a panel of expert gardeners providing valuable inputs on various methods of gardening. They will help you clear any kind of doubts related to gardening.

You could ask any gardening concerning questions and get a friendly as well easily comprehensible answer.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the tips and solutions while we help improve your home.