7 Best Poo-Pourri Scents Ranked & My Top Picks (2024)

Bathroom deodorizers are the most grossly underappreciated inventions of all time, aren’t they? All it takes is a quick spritz to save yourself from being the butt of endless fart jokes (enjoy the irony).

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But here’s the catch: instead of eliminating the odor from air, most toilet fresheners can only mask it. These products use a musky, overpowering perfume which some people find very suffocating. New-age toilet air fresheners like Poo Pourri have a very different M.O.

Rather than covering up the awful smell of nature’s call, these sprays keep the odor trapped under the surface of the toilet bowl. Poo Pourri is a blend of natural essential oils that are meant to be sprayed onto your toilet bowl right before you drop the load.

Do it and your toilet will smell like real potpourri for about 10-15 minutes after flushing. At least that’s what the manufacturer promises. But does it really make any difference? How is it any different from homemade essential oil blends or cheaper toilet deodorizer brands?

Let’s see:

Why Am I Crazy About Poo-Pourri?

I am hyper-picky about my bathroom. If it’s not spotless and smelling minty fresh, it’s the end of the world for me. The cleanliness freak in me begins to lose her shit every time I am about to have guests in my house.

You know how things can get pretty ugly (and smelly) in the toilet after the Thanksgiving dinner or a Friday night party. Relate, much?

So anyhoo, I had tried a plethora of toilet fresheners before but none of them could outclass Poo Pourri. Make no mistake, I was just skeptical as you are right now about this product. While I found their YouTube ad hilarious, I wasn’t sure how it is any different than regular toilet sprays.

Poo Pourri manufacturers claim that their patented concentrated formula consisting of various natural oils makes all the difference.

The “before-you-go” spray form a thick layer of film on the water surface which prevents the odor from getting out and spreading in the air. The concept made sense to me, so I decided to give it a go. I agree that for a toilet deodorizer, the stuff is a bit costly. But since it actually does what it claims to do, I’m happy to pay the price.

Exactly How Effective is Poo-Pourri?

The idea of trapping the maleficent poop smell inside the toilet bowl sounds quite interesting. But is it practical?

I did a little research and as it turns out, you actually can keep the stink contained where it belongs with the help of essential oils. Here’s how it works:

When you release the malodorous waste from your motorhome, it breaks into millions of microscopic particles in the toilet bowl. Some of the particles move up and mix into the air, making the loo smell awful.

When you spray Poo Pourri right above the water surface, it builds a sticky layer of essential oils above the water. Now, we all know that oil has a lower permeability than water.

Therefore, the essential oil concentration of Poo Pourri can naturally prevent the microscopic particles from being released into the air. The strongest Poo Pourri scents such as the Original Citrus and Rose Geranium can linger on for 15 minutes after flushing.

Currently, Poo Pourri has 30 different scents available. So far, I have tried the tiny 1.4-ounce bottles of all the scents to figure which one I like the most.

I have to admit that each and every variant carries a reasonably powerful, refreshing and distinctly unique scent. Just a few quick spritzes are enough to hide the disgusting smell of public bathrooms without raising a ruckus.

Reviewing My My Top Favorite Poo-Pourri Scents:

If you are feeling spoilt for choice, here are my most favorite Poo Pourri scents (in no particular order) to give you a better idea:

1. Original Before You Go Spray

I have always been a sucker for the scent of citrus. Sometimes I would smell a lemon for absolutely no reason. When the divine blend of lemon, lemongrass, and bergamot (a kind of orange) oil comes in one tiny bottle, I’m definitely buying it.

The Original Citrus has a zesty smell that some people may find a bit overpowering. In fact, this one has the strongest perfume of all Poo Pourri variations. I personally don’t find it overwhelming. The perfume has just the right amount of strength to tackle nightmare restroom situations.

For this reason alone, I can’t imagine going on a trip without this. Its soft lemony scent nicely conceals the quintessential stink of public restrooms. I’d also recommend this to anyone who shares his loo with a bunch of people with questionable hygiene. A little goes a long way since the concentration of essential oils is really high in this one. This means one bottle will last you for a long time.

2. Royal Flush Scent

The Royal Flush has a nuanced aroma of eucalyptus and spearmint that gets the job done without overwhelming your nose. The smell is subtle yet one of the most potent ones among all the Poo Pourri scents.

My father gets a headache from strong scents and I get headaches from the acrid smell of his deuce. I gifted him a small bottle of this magic liquid last year and he has been a fan of it ever since.

Now he can offload all the steaks and beer without the fear of being labeled as a human gas-bag. In my experience, the fragrance of Royal Flush doesn’t linger as long as the other Poo Pourri variants. If you are at a friend’s house where you want to avoid the awkward social situation at any cost, I’d blindly recommend this one.

3. Merry Spritzmas Scent

The subtle notes of vanilla and the refreshing aroma of peppermint in the formula beautifully elevates the tangy, mesmerizing scent of lemon. While the combination sounds amazing in theory, most people won’t be able to smell distinctly smell all the 3 essential oils.

This shouldn’t bother you if you are allergic scented products such as scented candles, lotions or soaps. While it certainly doesn’t make your crap smell like Christmas eve, at least your bathroom won’t smell like a concentration camp. I’m sold!

4. Lavender Vanilla Scent

It’s the 21st century, there’s no excuse for still gagging on your own nasty nuggets. Pot Pourri brings two of the greatest aroma in the world: vanilla and lavender, to keep your odor at bay.

Everybody hates that one guy in the office who leaves the bathroom air smell like rotten enchiladas mixed with existential angst. If you are afraid that you are that guy, just spray this stuff 5-6 directly into the toilet bowl before you drop the trou, and a little extra once the deed is done. That’s it.

The next person who walks into the loo will know that you are not anymore the Poopy Pooperson you once were. The word will spread out and your self-esteem will high as a mountain once again.

5. Vanilla Mint Scent

The infusion of refreshing mint and mellow vanilla pod oil can calm your senses when you are struggling to let the nasty beast out of your system. Poo Pourri has clearly gone to great lengths to make sure that the bold scent of mint doesn’t mask the subtle aroma of vanilla.

The two aromas work their magic on your porcelain bowl in perfect harmony, making the loo smell like a meadow on a summer morning. I find the subtle minty-fresh sensation it leaves on your buttcheeks particularly fascinating about this product.

If you are at a friend’s place and you don’t want your folks to smell your misdeed after you walk out of the washroom, do yourself a favor and give this one a try. Two to three mists will be enough to help you take a relaxing dump without worrying about leaving a bad impression.

6. Secret Santa Scent

You know the technology has gone too far (and in a good way) when you can make your toilet smell like Christmas. Poo Pourri has attempted to capture the essence of Christmas in a bottle by infusing cinnamon and citrus with a dash of vanilla.

Lightly mist it once or twice 7 inches above the water surface in your porcelain sink and fill the bathroom air with festive spirit. I know it sounds too good to be true. But when I close my eyes and take a deep whiff, my shit stink somehow smells like my grandmother’s sugar cookies and custard tart. If that’s not a miracle, what is?

You want to drop a load in a public toilet without leaving a trace? This one is worth a look. This one doesn’t use a strong perfume to compete with the disgusting odor. Its mellow scent can vanquish the most nightmare-inducing smell without giving your nostrils a hard time.

I gifted a set of mini bottles to a few of my colleagues last year and they loved it. Now our office bathroom smells delicious all year. Life is great again!

7. Smoky Woods Scent

Have you ever walked into a jungle and got a headache from all the animal poop stink lying around? No, right? But when humans take a dump, it’s a news flash.

This implies that our poop smells so disgusting mainly because of our poor dietary habits. And we can’t even help it because bacon smells so good! Mm.

But what we can do is combat the odor of decomposed bacon and cheese sandwich with the woodsy aroma of cedar, hickory, and citrus. It’s no secret anymore that I’m very fond of citrus scents. Poo Pourri took my lemon-fantasy up a notch by adding a dash of smokiness to the formula.

This particular aroma reminds me of campfires, musky leaves, and the first rain of summer, something I never expected to feel inside a loo while dropping my load. Unlike most citrus-based formulas, this one doesn’t have a powerful tangy smell. The scent is more nuanced than I expected. Despite that, it completely eliminates the stink from the bathroom which is all I could ask for.

Are There Any Possible Drawbacks?

The product itself is amazing and effectively serves the purpose. The only bugbear for me and many other customers is the design of the spray nozzle. More often than not, it leaks and the formula gets on your fingers. Sometimes getting the solution out of the bottle is a real struggle. Poo Pourri folks, if you are reading this, do something about it. Will you?

Is for Poo-Pourri Completely Safe to Use?

For humans, yes it is. Unlike regular toilet fresher sprays, Poo Pourri doesn’t contain aerosol, formaldehyde, paraben, ethanol, phthalates, benzene, petroleum distillates or any harsh chemical for that matter.

Instead of all that crap, Poo Pourri only uses an array of essential oils to keep your bathroom air smelling fresh and natural. Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy for ages, therefore, safety is the last thing you need to worry about.

But what about the septic tank? Are we supposed to put essential oils in the septic system? The answer is no. Doing so can drastically affect the ecological balance of the septic tank. However, a light mist of natural oils into the plumbing system won’t make any difference.

When you flush the toilet, the force and sheer volume of water will dilute the oil too much. Hence, it will be ineffective inside the tank and won’t cause any harm.

So go ahead, spritz some Poo Pourri, release your burden and walk out of the toilet with your head held high. Be the toilet saint this shitty world so desperately needs.

Concluding the Best Poo Pourri Scent Debate

Scent preference is a very personal thing. I cannot make that decision for you. My definition of “the best scent” is a zingy scent of citrus along with spicy notes of cinnamon peppered with a hint of vanilla and mint.

If you are anything like me, you would be addicted to the fragrance of Secret Santa, Vanilla Mint, Smoky Woods and the Original Citrus. I’m such a huge fan that I wish Poo Pourri releases their very own line of body sprays and perfumes soon.

Note here that most of the Poo Pourri solutions have citrus in them. If you can’t stand the aroma of it, choose a version with a low concentration of citrus such as Royal Flush or Merry Spritzmas. That’s all for today. Have a nice crap!

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