5 Best Granite Sealers to Keep Your Countertops Good as New

Granite adds unparalleled charm and sophistication to any room, whether it is used in a kitchen countertop, fireplace mantle or even a bathroom sink.

And with proper care, granite installations will last several decades. So, it is no wonder that granite is one of the top choices for different household installations.

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Nevertheless, granite surfaces require good maintenance and good care. Unless it is sealed properly during installation and resealed before the sealant wears off, it can get ruined.

Unfortunately, most home owners overlook the importance of using a good sealant to refresh their granite surfaces at regular time intervals. Let me tell you why you should avoid this mistake at all costs.

What Happens When You Do Not Use a Granite Sealer?

Granite is a natural stone. Although it has good moisture-resistant properties, it is still porous.

Countertops in any high-activity area of the home like the kitchen or bathroom are susceptible to liquid and oil spills. So, when a liquid is spilt on the surface, it seeps into the granite and occupies the tiny gaps in the stone.

Over time, liquid seepage causes internal stains and ruins the appearance of a granite surface. But more importantly, seepage can damage the stone itself.

Even if you manage to remove the stain, the underlying damage cannot be undone. Left unchecked, it can cause granite to crumble and crack over time.

A good granite sealer will prevent this eventuality. When applied to granite, a sealer will close the natural pores in the stone. As a result, liquids will be unable to penetrate the stone and can be easily wiped off.

Granite is sealed during installation. However, this sealant can wear off with use. Hence, it is necessary to re-apply sealants at regular intervals to keep the surface impervious to liquids and spills.

At this point, you should know that there are various sealants available. However, not all of them are built equally.

So, how do you select a good sealant to protect your granite surface for a reasonable length of time?

Here are the different factors to look for when choosing a granite sealer and why they matter.

What to Look for When Buying a Granite Sealer?

Granite sealers are formed of a solid resin-like substance within a solvent or carrier liquid. When sealers are applied to stone, the solid resin particles enter the pores and fill it up. Once the gaps are sealed, the solvent in it evaporates.

Now, there are no gaps in the stone for liquids to seep into. This protects the stone from any damage by liquids.

Here are the important factors to consider when choosing a sealer.

  • Frequency of re-application : The life-span of the granite sealer determines how long it lasts before it wears off and must be re-applied. This is usually indicated on the label of the product.
  • Type of sealer : Basic sealers will cover pores and protect the stone from water-based liquid spills. Premium versions are oil-resistant as well. Then there are enhancing sealers that not only protect the surface, but also impart a glossy sheen. Most sealers coat the top surface and add shine to a granite countertop. These topical sealers will wear out with continuous use and need regular reapplication.
  • Physical characteristics like smell : Some sealers have strong chemical odors while others are relatively odor-free. This is an important factor to consider, especially if you are sensitive to smells.

Let us now take a detailed look at some of the best granite sealers available in the market and they characteristic features.

1. TriNova’s Granite Sealer and Protector

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The best part about this sealer is how soon it produces visible results. Whether it is a granite countertop or sink, TriNova’s sealer imparts a beautiful and long-lasting shine.

Key Features :

  • Suitable for all stone surfaces
  • Professional-quality results
  • Available in 18oz bottles
  • Has an extra-long spray tube

This penetrating granite sealer wins top points for its ease of use. The smell of the product is barely discernible, making it a good choice for areas like the kitchen. Another benefit is that it imparts a high-glossy shine and improves overall appearance of worn-out surfaces almost instantly.

On the downside, it is rather pricey for an 18-oz bottle. Since it wears out very fast, you may have to reapply it every few months, especially in high-activity areas.

Pros :

  • Quick action and amazing results on worn out surfaces
  • Polished finish makes surfaces appear fresh
  • Easy to apply due to long tube nozzle
  • Odor-free

Cons :

  • Quantity is comparatively less for the price
  • Wears out quickly on actively used surfaces
  • Works on granite, but not as effective on other stone surfaces

2. Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer

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This water-based sealer is perfect for kitchens, since it is non-toxic and free from strong chemicals. This granite sealer gives you good value for money and is easy to apply and produces good results.

Key Features :

  • Water-based granite sealer
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive action
  • Simple application method
  • Available in different quantities ranging from 1 Pint to 4 gallons

The important thing to note about the Black Diamond Stoneworks granite sealer is that it must be applied liberally, and the excess quickly removed, to create a polished and neat finish. If you leave it to soak for too long, it creates an ugly, cloudy appearance on the surface.

Also, the sealer should be rubbed in as though you are polishing the stone. Simply wiping it around won’t help.

The length of time for which results last will depend on the type of stone. In most cases, you can go through several months without having to reapply it.

However, the main issue continues to be its strong odor that can be overpowering. If you overlook that fact, this granite sealer is an economical product that does a good job.

Pros :

  • Simple rub and wipe-off application method
  • Produces visible results quickly
  • Lasts for several months, even in high-activity areas
  • Suitable for kitchen surfaces due to its non-toxic nature

Cons :

  • Very strong smell
  • Larger sizes do not come with spray top
  • Excess should be quickly wiped off, or it can leave a cloudy residue

3. Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

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Here is a water-based granite sealer that goes above and beyond expectations by penetrating deep into the stone surface and sealing it completely. Let us look at some of the key features of this product.

Key Features :

  • Available in 18 oz and 54 oz cans
  • Penetrates deep into the stone for long-lasting protection
  • Spray and use formula

Rock Doctor Granite Sealer is part of a 3-piece combo kit that completely seals, protects and polishes natural stone surfaces. The best thing about this product is that it protects and seals the surface as well as grout.

You can see how effective the product is soon after application. Liquid spills will form beads and stay on the freshly sealed surface till it evaporates or is wiped away. When the liquid begins to seep into the surface, it means that it is time to apply a new coat.

For best results, it is recommended to clean the surface with Rock Doctor cleaner first. Follow it up with polish and finally apply granite sealer in this specific order.

Pros :

  • Gentle non-toxic formula
  • Spreads easily into a waxy surface coating
  • Streak-free formula
  • Doesn’t require frequent re-application

Cons :

  • Doesn’t create a polished look
  • Not a great choice for porous granite
  • Additional cleaner and polish application is necessary to restore the original finish to the surface

4. Weiman Granite & Stone Sealer

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This water-based granite sealer formula not only protects and seals granite counters, but also reverses existing damage and beautifies old stone surfaces.

Key Features :

  • Water-based formula
  • Available in 12-oz spray bottles
  • Requires reapplication every 6-12 months

Like all good granite sealers, this product seals and protects natural stone for a good duration of time. However, the best thing about this product is that it polishes and adds a glossy sheen to surfaces.

The lack of strong odor and the gentle formula are other favorable aspects. Although it is quite expensive for the quantity offered, most users cannot think of another product once they get used to this one.

Pros :

  • Imparts a brand-new look to stone surfaces
  • Lasts long
  • Doesn’t stain stone surfaces
  • No offensive smell

Cons :

  • Black and dark granite may present a hazy effect if excess product isn’t wiped off properly
  • Costlier than similar products
  • Product is available only in one small size

5. Stone Care International Granite Sealer and Protector

stone care international granite sealer and protector reviewbuy now

Once you use Stone care international granite sealer, it is difficult to like any other product. This granite sealer and protector does exactly what it says on the label. Here are more of the key features of this product.

Key Features :

  • Water-based sealer
  • Available in various sizes
  • Requires re-application every 6 to 12 months

You will need some elbow grease to buff out the excess when you use this granite sealer for the first time. Nevertheless, you will not be disappointed with the results you see.

This gentle product that is free from toxic components is the ideal choice for countertops where food preparation is carried out. Its gentle scent also adds to its appeal.

Pros :

  • Dries quickly
  • Small quantity will cover larger area
  • Stays on for quite a long time
  • Product is available easily

Cons :

  • Can leave streaks if excess isn’t wiped off promptly
  • Takes a lot of rubbing to buff the surface properly

6. Granite Gold Sealer Spray

granite gold sealer spray reviewbuy now

You will not be disappointed with this easy-to-use, but effective granite sealer solution for all your granite surfaces at home. Being non-acidic and non-toxic, it is a great choice for food preparation surfaces.

Key Features :

  • Water-based formula available in a spray bottle
  • Free from ammonia and phosphates
  • Single application offers protection for at least 6 months

When you consider the fact that this is a non-toxic product with no harmful phosphates or ammonia, it is a great choice for household use. Being pH-balanced, the formula stabilizes food preparation surfaces and can be safely used on kitchen countertops.

Two to three applications of the spray are often necessary to prepare a surface properly. If the granite is extremely porous, you may see water rings after just one application. Another likely issue is the strong citrusy smell that may not suit everyone.

Pros :

  • Absence of ammonia and phosphates makes it safe for kitchen countertops
  • pH balanced formula
  • Easy to apply and takes minimum effort to rub in

Cons :

  • Will produce uniform results only when the surface is fully dry
  • Some users report that several applications are necessary
  • Strong citrus scent may irritate some users

7. StoneTech Bullet Proof Sealer

stonetech bullet proof sealer reviewbuy now

This is the undisputable choice when you need a heavy-duty granite sealer that can completely protect highly-porous granite. Let’s look at its key features.

Key Features :

  • Advanced protection by using micro-bonding technique
  • Preserves the natural look of stone
  • Water-based formula
  • 24 hours curing time

While regular granite sealers do a decent job of protecting most types of granite countertops, not all of them work on very porous granite surfaces. This is where Stone Tech Bullet proof sealer emerges victorious.

Once the product is liberally applied to a granite countertop and cured for the specified duration, it seals and protects the surface for years. Hence, you needn’t worry about resealing the surface again for a very long time.

When you consider this aspect, the higher cost of this granite sealer is completely justified.

Pros :

  • Heavy-duty polymer formula works on porous stones as well
  • Effective against very tough water and oil-based stains
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Dries up quickly

Cons :

  • Very specific instructions to be followed for maximum effectiveness
  • Costlier than regular granite sealers
  • Should be applied only to very clean surfaces

To wrap it up…

Granite countertops, floors and walls add aesthetic appeal to our homes. Nevertheless, they require constant care and maintenance to look good and last long.

Granite sealers are dedicated products that help to extend the lifespan and beauty of the natural stone surfaces in your house. Choose the right one for your needs after considering the exact use for the product, cost factor, ease of application and frequency of use.

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