Air Wick V.I.Poo Toilet Perfume Spray for a Fresh Bathroom

Bathroom spray is becoming a necessity today, with many apartment and condo bathrooms having no exterior windows for ventilation. V.I.Poo, or VIPoo, is a product offering by Air Wick—makers of fragrant spray products, scented candles, and scents to make your home smell better.

VIPoo works a bit differently than your traditional air freshener sprays which contain aerosols and can be harmful to the environment. It offers the perfect solution to people who don’t want to use aerosols in the bathroom.

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VIPoo provides proactive odour protection by trapping odours in your toilet before they escape. You can keep nasty smells within your toilet bowl. The spray creates a layer in your toilet that will trap odours under the surface. The spray also serves a dual purpose as it contains essential oils that release a fresh scent and will keep your bathroom smelling great.

The spray will last a long time. You’ll have 100 uses per bottle, with 300 total sprays, if you spray 3 times with each use. The spray also comes with a guarantee.

This product is sold in three different types of fragrances. Lemon Idol is a fresh natural scent that is most commonly associated with clean bathrooms. Lavender Superstar will make your bathroom smell like a field of fresh lavender buds. Rosy Starlet is reminiscent of classic fragrances that smell like a big bouquet of roses. Everyone will find a favourite in one of these three scents, and for those who don’t like florals, they can choose the lemon scent. There was also a fourth scent, Fruity Pin-Up but its been retired.

All four of this scents provide benefits in a fragrant spray by Air Wick. They’ll provide proactive odour protection and trap nasty smells. The non-aerosol spray is in a small bottle and portable. And it comes with an odour-free guarantee.

The spray comes in a manual spray-bottle with a plastic cap. Depending on which scent you buy, you’l have the choice of the pink, purple, or yellow bottles.

Why Choose VIPoo Spray?

This product is a necessity, particularly when you don’t live alone, and have many people sharing the bathroom. The motto on the bottle is: “Keep nasty smells in your bowl”. Their other motto is that the spray works: “Like a V.I.P.—Very Important Person”. Their TV commercial states: “V.I.Poo like a V.I.P.’

It makes life much easier when you can simply spray the VIPoo in the toilet bowl before you go. When your friend or family uses the bathroom after you, they won’t be offended by any lingering bad smell, and the fragrance will keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

If you exchange fun gifts with family or friends, or have no idea what to get for the person who has everything, buy them a unique present—a bottle of VIPoo spray. Not only does it make a great gag gift, but it’s something that they’ll actually use and not toss in the drawer!

This spray even has an “odour-free” guarantee. This guarantee is backed up by the Air Wick company who make the spray. If you’re not completely satisfied with this product for any reason, you can visit the Air Wick site to learn more details on how to get a refund. The Air Wick company wants you to know that this product provides you with a breathe of fresh air, and that it will do what it’s been advertised to do. This premium toilet spray comes with a no-hassle refund should you be less than thrilled with its odour control properties.

So, if you think you can clear out the house by stinking up the bathroom and beyond, VIPoo is certainly up to the challenge! If you’re not completely satisfied—or your friends or family are not—then you’ll get your money back.

This spray has uses beyond your private home too. Did you know that many people “hold it in” when they’re at work or out in public, as they don’t want to offend workers or other people? This is an unhealthy practice, as the process of digestion involves eliminating waste from the body. You can simply use the spray in a public restroom, eliminate that waste completely from your body, and have no worries about offending anyone!

Some people also have certain food intolerances, or they eat a poor diet, or they eat spicy foods, which can lead to stinky bathroom experiences. VIPoo spray has been made for them.

Also, another health-related reason to use VIPoo is to slow down in the bathroom. Many people rush through the process, and don’t fully expel the contents of their bowels. When you take the time to clear your bowels, you’ll be giving your body a better chance at healthy living. The spray will help to encourage you to spend the time needed on the toilet so you can go on with the rest of your day without feeling constipated or bloated.

And if you’re sick with food poisoning, or stomach flu, you know how much worse it can be in the bathroom. The fragrant molecules in the spray will help you to feel a bit better at a time when you’re extremely uncomfortable.

How Does VIPoo Work?

It’s taken years for this type of product to reach the market, so many people may be skeptical that it actually works. But the theory is based on chemistry and physics. It’s also important to use it in the right manner.

Unlike aerosol sprays that go through the air to cover up bad smells, VIPoo is meant to be sprayed directly into the toilet. VIPoo is contained within a non-aerosol spray bottle so you can better direct it at the surface of the water in your toilet bowl.

The spray is made to be used before you go and not after. This is so it can work most effectively .Basically it works with three steps: Spray, Trap, Go.

Basically, the spray provides a layer of coating on the water in the toilet bowl. When you poop, it floats to beneath the surface, and traps the smelly molecules under water. You then flush the toilet, and the noxious substance is flushed down the drain.

Only the nicely scented smells from the VIPoo will distribute in the air—lemon, lavender, or rose smells. You’ll be able to breathe much easier in the bathroom after using it.

It’s that simple!

What is the Most Effective Way to Use VIPoo?

In order to achieve a fresh and clean smelling bathroom, you need to use the spray properly. Many who don’t read instructions will simply spray it around the bathroom. But that’s not how this product works. In fact, that method does little to hide the odours, masking them instead. It can also turn people off from using those fragrances again.

To use VIPoo, you simply spray a layer of the scent on the water’s surface in your toilet bowl. You’ll need to tilt the bottle at an angle to target the surface of the water. Don’t turn it completely horizontal, as then the sprayer won’t work.

It’s recommended that you do 3 to 5 sprays in order to achieve the maximum benefits. Then you sit down and do your business. Your poo will then float to the bottom of the toilet. You then flush.

Since the VIPoo barrier has kept the stinky molecules from escaping into the air, you’ll have a much better bathroom experience. All you’ll smell is fresh, clean air from the essential oils in the spray.

VIPoo spray is sold in small bottles, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a big bottle of spray in your purse, bag, backpack, or briefcase. In fact, the bottle will fit nicely into even smaller sizes of a lady’s handbag. Men can tuck a bottle into their trousers or their suit pocket. You can carry the bottle discreetly around with you everywhere.

Many customers have even reported when they’re forgotten to use the spray in advance, that they’ve been able to spray the toilet bowl quickly after going, and it has worked almost as effectively. So don’t worry if you forget, as you can still use it immediately after.

People who use VIPoo will never go without it again!

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What Are the Ingredients of VIPoo?

VIPoo contains fragrance to help make your bathroom smell great. It also contains solvents that help to dissipate the fragrance in the air.

When you use VIPoo you’ll only get fresh, clean smells, not chemical smells.

Is VIPoo Safe to Use, and What About Around Young Children or Pets?

VIPoo is safe to use for its intended purposes. It’s important to read the instructions and keep them for further referral.

It’s not meant to be sprayed directly onto skin, or into the air, or onto linens. Do not spray it in your face or on your body. If you maintain a safe distance from the spray when you use it, you’re unlikely to get any on you.

If you get any on the toilet seat or lid, use a damp cloth to clean the surfaces.

While the spray is relatively safe, but is only meant for external use. You should avoid using it near young children or pets. The spray is not intended as a toy. It should be stored far away from the reach of young hands or pets.

You may wish to open a window or turn on the fan in the bathroom before using. After using the toilet, put the lid down and flush.

Place the cap back on the spray to keep it from evaporating. Store it at room temperature. Do not place it near heaters or in the fridge.

It’s possible that some people may experience allergies—sneezing, rash or hives—and in these instances discontinue usage. If anyone has swallowed it, seek medical attention. If it gets on your face, rinse your eyes with warm water and wash skin with soap and water.

Some people may be worried about how the spray will affect the weekly cleaning of your toilet. There should be no film left on the toilet bowl after you have flushed. You are spraying a minimal amount of product. Cleaning the toilet will remain the same.

Where Can I Buy VIPoo?

After you read the review on this product you’ll want to dash out and buy some immediately. You should be able to find it in most stores that already sell Air Wick products. If you can’t find it locally, you can shop online. Shops that sell other air freshener products may have it, including big box stores. You’ll also be able to shop for it on Amazon.

You can buy VIPoo in a pack of 1, or save money by purchasing it in multi-packs. If you’re uncertain which scent to get, buy more than one type.

The bottle measures approximately 1.2” x 1.2” by 5.2 inches. The bottle weighs 2.72 ounces.

Remember that you should order one bottle for every bathroom in your home, plus extra bottles so that each member of the family has a bottle to take with them for work or school.

You’ll find that this product is comparable to other competitors’ toilet sprays and works just as effectively.

Closing Thoughts on Using V.I.Poo Spray

VIPoo should work well for almost all your bathroom experiences. Throughout the day, it’ll keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Once you use up all your usual air fresheners you won’t need to buy them anymore, nor any more harmful aerosols.

You’ll love how well this product works. Once you give the VIPoo spray a try, you’ll never want to go without again. You may wish to purchase a second bottle too, so you always have some on hand when you’re at work or in a public washroom.

Soon you’ll have more pleasant bathroom experiences and be able to leave the bathroom with a smile on your face!!

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